Can Dental Bridges Repaired?

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When a patient has one or more missing teeth, a fixed appliance called a dental bridge is put in the patient’s mouth. Getting dental bridges near you might last for many years, but occasionally they may need to be replaced or repaired. The abutments are typically fastened to sound teeth. When the bridge is broken or your dentist notices an issue during your regular checkup, a dental bridge repair may be necessary.

Dealing with Broken Dental Bridges

Ceramic or porcelain is used to cover the metal frame of most dental bridges. The failure of the dental bridge may be caused by poor oral hygiene. If microorganisms enter the bridge through the crown and into the tooth with the anchored abutment, the tooth may shatter or develop decay. The bridge could also loosen up or have a different shade from the teeth next to it.

Up to 35 years can pass between dental bridge replacements. Sensitivity around the gum or tooth could be a clue that the bridge needs to be repaired because abutment teeth are typically covered, and deterioration is not always obvious. Visit our dentist in West Roxbury immediately so that it may be treated if porcelain fragments fall off, there is a crack in your tooth, you experience discomfort, or it becomes sensitive when you brush or chew.

How Dental Bridges Can Get Damaged?

If a dental bridge or crown is strong enough, an impact could cause it to fracture, break, become loose, or even completely displace. Even less severe blows or direct pressure, if repeated or constant, can cause a crown or bridge to become loose.

The bridge’s or crown’s structural integrity can be harmed by tooth decay, which serves as the base for these two types of dental prostheses, which depend on them for support. Periodic or erratic dental hygiene practices can worsen this issue, accelerate decay, and increase the likelihood that a crown or bridge will need to be repaired sooner.

Various levels of urgency may be involved, depending on the reason for the bridge or crown damage you are dealing with. In some circumstances, you may need to take quick emergency action, while you may have more time to make planned arrangements to fix the issue in others.

Is a Broken Dental Bridge an Emergency?

Consider the extent of the harm, the root of the issue, and any additional impacts if you’re wondering whether a broken dental bridge or damaged dental crown truly represents a dental emergency.

For instance, you should seek emergency care immediately if a sudden hit to the jaw results in extreme pain, laceration, bleeding, headaches that come on suddenly, tooth loss, or other serious symptoms that don’t seem to improve.

What to do When a Tooth Bridge is Broken?

The first thing to do is to prevent making it worse by applying no pressure to the area and refraining from chewing on it. Try to gauge the extent of the injury by taking a moment to carefully examine yourself in a mirror to determine if there are any chips, cracks, or missing parts. If you feel any looseness or damage you can’t see with the naked eye, gently probe the region with your finger to check for it, but if you find any, do not try to push it off or pull it off.

In some situations, a dental bonding substance may be used to repair a small chip or fracture in a bridge or crown, filling the spaces and restoring the structure’s strength. If the teeth that support the bridge are still in good shape, it may be possible to remove the prosthetic.

Get in Touch with Us!

In such cases, we ask you to contact our dentist immediately to set up an appointment if you have a loose or broken dental bridge or crown. We can accommodate after-hours and urgent appointments and are here to help.

To learn more about fixing dental bridges and enhancing your smile. Come to Nine One Dental Group!