Zoom Teeth Whitening in West Roxbury

Zoom Teeth Whitening Near You

Zoom is a teeth whitening process that people often choose when they have discoloration on their tooth enamel. Tooth discoloration happens for many reasons, usually to do with consuming foods or beverages that stain the teeth, such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks.

If you think that Zoom teeth whitening may be right for you, contact our dental clinic! Nine One Dental offers Zoom teeth whitening near you.

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How does Zoom Teeth Whitening Work?

When you come into Nine One Dental to receive Zoom teeth whitening near you, the procedure will involve using our Zoom Chairside Lamp, which works to quicken the bleaching process.

This lamp activates hydrogen peroxide in the whitening process. It breaks down the hydrogen peroxide, which allows for oxygen to enter the tooth enamel and dentin and effectively bleach your tooth’s stained areas without compromising the structure of your tooth.

Is Zoom Teeth Whitening for Me?

Teeth whitening is considered a part of cosmetic dentistry and should be considered only after speaking to a dental professional. Your teeth and gums must be healthy before undergoing a teeth whitening procedure. There can be some discomfort associated with Zoom teeth whitening because of the small amount of heat associated with the process.

Nine One Dental offers Zoom teeth whitening in West Roxbury. Consult with our dental team to see if Zoom teeth whitening is right for you.

What are the Side-Effects of Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Although teeth whitening is an excellent and straightforward way to improve your smile, there are still some side-effects. After receiving Zoom teeth whitening near you, you may experience some tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity can happen because of the hydrogen peroxide used in the tooth whitening process. The properties that make up hydrogen peroxide have been seen to irritate the tooth nerve at times.

How do I Maintain My Results?

No teeth whitening process is permanent, but your results can be long-lasting. To maintain whitening results for as long as possible, your dentist will recommend that you avoid ingesting substances that may cause your teeth to stain, including tea, coffee, red wine, and soft drinks. You should also avoid tobacco products. A regular oral hygiene routine will help you to maintain your results.

Nine One Dental offers Zoom teeth whitening in West Roxbury, and our team is happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about the process. If you believe Zoom teeth whitening may be right for you, please contact us to schedule an appointment today!