Veneers: For a Whiter Smile and Easier Chewing

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At Nine One Dental in West Roxbury, we take care of teeth in every aspect and want them to be both healthy and beautiful. When you get veneers applied to your teeth, you’re addressing the look of your teeth more than the health, as they are more cosmetic than crowns, or caps. If your teeth don’t have the shine you’d like them to, or if you’re tired of seeing cracked or chipped teeth, then veneers are a great way to help.

How Veneers Benefit The Look of Your Teeth

Veneers are essentially shells that are bonded to your teeth, but unlike crowns or caps, they do not cover the whole tooth. They’re a great option for anyone who has healthy, if not beautiful teeth. If you’ve been brushing twice a day, but also drinking eight cups of coffee for all the working years of your life, then your dentist in West Roxbury may consider you an ideal candidate for veneers.

Veneers are applied to the front of your teeth by a dentist near you to essentially mask what’s going on below them. They have little medical value but can be a great boost in confidence for someone while requiring relatively little work. With veneers, cracked, chipped, and yellow teeth can be covered up in one treatment, rather than taking on the costly expense of repairing or whitening teeth over the course of a number of days. In no time, you can have a smile that appears white, straight, and even.

Invest In the Look of Your Smile With Nine One Dental

If you live in the West Roxbury or greater Boston area, then Nine One Dental wants to be your choice and solution for all your dental needs, both cosmetic and medical. Not only that, but we’re now offering various spa treatments that can help make the rest of you as beautiful as your new smile.