Can Botox Help Frown Lines Around The Mouth?

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woman taking Botox treatment

Botox may be the best option if you have undesirable creases and lines around your mouth or lips. Cosmetic surgeons thoroughly understand the muscles in your face and can use Botox to smooth and fill up this area. However, what occurs following a Botox injection? Your local dentist or doctor can answer all your questions about acquiring cosmetic Botox near you.

Lips can thin as we age because we lose some of their deep fat, especially on the top lip. Interestingly, smokers’ lines exclusively appear in women and are primarily caused by age-related loss of lip-circumferential fat and estrogen.

What is the most effective way to treat mouth wrinkles?

Individuals who choose to have Botox are hoping to enhance their appearance or reduce specific kinds of wrinkles and creases. Botox is an excellent treatment for wrinkles and creases around your lips and in many other regions. This treatment might be right for you if you’re searching for a short-term solution that doesn’t include surgery. If you feel that your upper lip is invisible when you smile, you might be a candidate. A dermal filler treatment can be a better option for you if you desire lips that appear bigger. But everything depends on the particular situation.

For treating wrinkles around the lips, there are two effective processes. A lip filler is one. It smooths down the area of the smokers’ lines closest to the lip by filling in the red lip. The alternative is to relax the muscles, creating those lines by applying a small amount of neurotoxin, such as Botulinum Toxin, Dysport, and Xeomin.

Remarkably, guys do not develop these wrinkles. How come? Men’s skin is thicker because of the hair that grows in their upper lip. Male smokers tend not to have those wrinkles since their skin is thicker, even for men who shave daily.

How much time does Botox take to start acting on the oral cavity?

The time it takes for botulinum toxin to start working around the mouth can range from one and a half days to seven or ten days. Your dentist in West Roxbury uses three or four injection sites to introduce tiny drops into the sphincter muscle responsible for pursed lips. We must inject tiny amounts to avoid interfering with speech or smiling.

How can Botox help frown lines around the mouth?

If deep lines result from muscle action, botulinum toxin can effectively smooth them out, but if the lines are deeply etched into the skin, it will not be as effective. I suggest a resurfacing laser, chemical peel, filler, and botulinum toxin injections for those lines. It’s crucial to understand that excessive use of botulinum toxin is not recommended. Not better. The rationale is that these muscles are utilized for various vital tasks, including eating, chewing, sipping liquids through straws, smiling, and conversing. We have an issue if those muscles aren’t functioning well.

See me if you have any questions concerning your face, neck, mouth, or any other aging area of your body. I’m happy to speak with you and respond to your inquiries. And it’s a pleasure to have you in my office.

Can Botox treat a gummy smile?

Another well-liked method for plumping your lips and lessening the look of a gummy smile is Botox. When you grin and can see the gums above your top teeth, you have a gummy smile. It could go with a disappearing upper lip when you grin. Nonetheless, a gummy smile can be lessened with a cosmetic Botox West Roxbury treatment akin to the lip flip.

Looking for a reliable Botox provider?

Botox is a safe and successful treatment, but you should always make an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon or dentist near you beforehand so they can outline the details of what’s involved in the process so you feel comfortable and prepared. If you’re ready to book a consultation, contact Nine One Dental Group. We look forward to seeing you soon!